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Registration for our Spring 2022 pilot has closed at this time. Keep on the lookout for next groups coming in Summer and Fall. 

The GRADS Mentoring Groups focus on the need for our GRaduate & Advanced Degree Students to develop skills that can help them survive and thrive in graduate school and beyond. These mentorship groups will provide our GRADS with a safe space where they can discuss professional experiences and challenges with more experienced colleagues and facilitators (mentors). These groups are meant to be small enough to be able to create meaningful relationships between mentors and mentees. Different groups can discuss different topics such as writing, applying for a job in academia or industry, mental health in graduate school, research design, etc. The groups will meet at least once a week, establish a goal, and work on a deliverable. For example, the writing circle could decide they will work on writing a chapter of their dissertation and work together with the group and mentors in accomplishing that goal.

During each GRADS Mentoring Group cycle, facilitators will:

  • Develop feedback and critical thinking skills
  • Grow their SHPE professional network
  • Advance their leadership skills
  • Give back to the SHPE Familia

During each GRADS Mentoring Group cycle, participants will:

  • Grow their SHPE professional network
  • Learn to navigate their STEM career path
  • Develop their professional skills
  • Achieve their goals in STEM

"Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success"
Mike Murdock

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