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The GRADS MentorSHPE Groups focus on the need for our GRaduate & Advanced Degree Students to develop skills that can help them survive and thrive in graduate school and beyond. These mentorship groups will provide our GRADS with a safe space where they can discuss professional experiences and challenges with more experienced colleagues and facilitators (mentors).

For spring 2023 we plan to have seven groups. Groups are meant to be small enough (3 to 5 participants per group lead by 1-2 facilitators) to create meaningful relationships between facilitators and participants. Each group will focus on a different topic as listed below. 


Spring 2023 Schedule 

Membership Request Forms open: January 9, 2023
Membership Request Forms due: January  27, 2023 
Participants notified: January 30, 2023
Mentor Kickoff Training: January 30, 2023 @ 6pm CST
Mentee Kickoff Training: February 2, 2023 @ 6pm CST 
Mentoring Meetings: February 6 - April 28, 2023

Group Description
Writing Do you need help writing that paper or dissertation chapter? If your answer is yes, this group is perfect for you. Join others in a journey of 8 weeks to go over practical advice to help you finish that important writing project.
Preparing for a job in academia Are you considering applying for a job in academia? Then join this group! You will be able to discuss all your questions, like how to search for jobs in academia, the academic job market timeline, how to prepare for the job market, and others.
Preparing for a job in industry Do you wonder how different it is to apply for a job in industry when you have an advanced degree? Join this group to discuss important aspects of applying for a job in industry like how to search for jobs, leveraging your personal network, preparing your resume, and getting ready for an interview.
Collecting data and keeping a lab notebook Is your lab notebook a little disorganized? This group will go over practical tips to keep your experiment data organized.
Conflict resolution As a graduate student, you might find yourself having differences with colleagues, advisors, and administrators. How do you deal with those? This group will go over strategies for conflict resolution that can help you navigate some of these delicate professional relationships.
Public Speaking Skills Are you looking to develop your speaking skills for presentations? Join this group to learn tips and tricks and practice the skills as you receive peer and facilitator feedback.  
Sustainable Networking Does networking sometimes feel transactional? This group will explore the skills of sustainable networking that is designed for both parties to benefit and increase success.

Benefits of the group mentoring format:

  • There is no cost to eligible members for this program.
  • Adding peer advice increases the diversity of input and perspectives
  • Provides a good mechanism for accountability that makes mentoring effective
  • Goal setting is easier with more perspectives contributing to the process
  • Senior people reach multiple mentees efficiently
  • Allows all group members to lead and learn at the same time
  • Broadens the network of the participants
  • Can be a lot of fun!
  • To be eligible for the GMG program, you must be an active SHPE member. You can learn more about joining here.
  • You must be a graduate or advanced degree student.
  • You must fill out a membership application form.
**Please view the Facilitator Info and Participant Info tabs above for more details

During each GRADS Mentoring Group cycle, facilitators will:

  • Develop feedback and critical thinking skills
  • Grow their SHPE professional network
  • Advance their leadership skills
  • Give back to the SHPE Familia

During each GRADS Mentoring Group cycle, participants will:

  • Grow their SHPE professional network
  • Learn to navigate their STEM career path
  • Develop their professional skills
  • Achieve their goals in STEM

"Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success"
Mike Murdock

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